Micha Margalit, an Israeli publicist and writer in one of Israel’s leading newspapers, shared his personal experience in lowering cholesterol with Curcumall®. The article, was titled “Curcumall® & Cholesterol – A Personal Experiment” was first published in September 2011 and was republished in January 2012 in the news site israelnow.co.il
This is a translation of the original article

“It started when a routine check-up with the family doctor showed that my cholesterol level was 229. I am a generally healthy person, do not take medication, take vitamins, eat healthy, mostly vegetarian, do a lot of sports, generally lean with over 60 years of life and joy in our world. Cholesterol level 229? me??? I asked myself, and the answer I got from the mirror was that cholesterol and I were not friends.

As my profession is a publicist, I made a decision: I would be a volunteer, which means a guinea pig  of Curcumall. As Curcumall was indicating, among other things, its ability to help lower cholesterol.

To be as scientific as possible in the experiment, I did not change any of the food, sports and vitamins that I took before the addition of Curcumall to my life, so that if the situation will get better, or worse, it would only be due to the addition of the Curcumall. I took the recommended amount and sometimes took even more than recommended.

More than six months have passed since the experiment. I zealously obeyed the rules I set for myself despite a few times that I forgot to take. Anxious and trembling, I went to take blood tests, since, to my knowledge, numbers do not lie. The following are the results of my tests- the numbers speak for themselves and you can see for yourself:

Date of Lab TestCholesterol Level
Jan 10 2011 229 Original Test
Apr 13 2011 189  
May 26 2011 168  

Now that Curcumall has proven to lower cholesterol, I feel that in addition to being a publicist, it is my duty to recommend Curcumall as a unique liquid turmeric extract that has been proven in numbers and not just words.

P.S. It seems to me, although I cannot prove this with numbers that while taking Curcumall, that my memory became sharper.”

Micha Margalit

How do turmeric and curcumin actually lower cholesterol?

Scientists believe that curcumin lowers cholesterol in a few ways:

  1. Curcumin attaches to cholesterol and prevents its ability to pass from the bowel to the rest of the body, where it can do harm
  2. Curcumin helps in keeping cholesterol levels under control by assisting the liver in eliminating excess cholesterol
  3. Not only does curcumin have an overall beneficial effect on cholesterol, it is also able to specifically increase HDL levels (the “good” cholesterol)  and reduce LDL (the “bad” cholesterol)
  4. Another therapeutic action linked to curcumin is that it helps in thinning the blood, which prevents blood clots from forming in the arteries and lowers the risk of having a heart attack.

Read more about turmeric and cholesterol in this article.

Control Cholesterol Level with Curcumall®

One challenge with curcumin supplements is proper absorption, this is why the bioavailability is an issue. It is difficult for your body to absorb enough of the nutrient to make a difference, particularly in capsule form.

Curcumall® is a specialized liquid extract of Turmeric and Curcumin C3 that offers more free curcumin at the cellular level. Curcumall® is easier to ingest than any pill, is highly concentrated and readily absorbed.

Moreover, each serving contains 500mg of active patented curcuminoids and turmeric root extract.

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